"Discover How a Repeat Offender Walks Away With a Lighter Sentence When All Odds Are Stacked Against Him For 2nd Time Drink Driving"


Defend Yourself and Save Thousands of Dollars in Lawyer's Fee and Still Walk Away With a Lighter Sentence When You are Caught For Drunk Driving


Dear Drunken Drivers,

Admit it....You made a mistake!

If you by any chance end up here, I have a strong feeling that you are now having the sort of problem that most drivers who drink are facing now...

You are caught for drink driving!

It's not a pretty kind of problem as you can up in prison!

And I am sure you don't want to end up there because that's the second last place you want to go besides hell.

With the laws in Singapore getting tough on drink driving, you can expect a stiffer punishment and even jail sentence when you are caught for drink driving.

No one can deny that drink driving is the most selfish act as you will be putting the lives of others at risk and it's good that the government is getting tough dealing with drink driving cases.


Prominent Drink Driving Cases In Singapore

BUSINESSMAN Su Hong, 48, killed a woman while driving when he was drunk. His punishment: 11 weeks' jail and a five-year driving ban.

Pub owner Charles Lee Cheow Loong, 30, also killed someone. His punishment: a year's jail and a 10-year driving ban.

TV actor Christopher Lee and former TV host Benedict Goh - hauled off to jail.

The above are taken from Asiaone News website.

They have shown remorse and served their prison time and I am sure no one can understand the trauma they have gone through unless you have gone through the same that they had.

We all hope they are coping well with life and let this be a lesson to all our fellow Singaporean.


Penalty For Drink Driving in Singapore

This is the first thing that you will be asking yourself when you are caught for drink driving.....


Well, let me help you with the answers you are looking for.

This is a non-compoundable offence.

It is something that you cannot reverse or take back.

No matter who you are, even if you're a lawyer, a teacher, an actor, a rocket scientist or even a university professor....

....they will still come after you and charge you in court - Period!

If you are caught drink driving for the first time, you will be fine up to $5000 or 6 months imprisonment and your license revoked. (With tougher laws on drink driving, you can expect the worst)

For second time offender, you will be fined up to $10,000 and imprisonment up to 1 year and your license revoked.

Subsequently, the court will enhanced punishment up to 3 times the penalty - $30,000 fine and up to 3 years imprisonment and your license revoked till god knows when.

Offenders causing death or serious injuries can also be caned up to 6 strokes.

With more citizens pushing and urging for stiffer punishment for drink driving, it's only a matter of time when first time offender will also get mandatory jail term.

Even now, the court can rule out fine imposed to jail term for first time offenders.

This makes it even more tricky for first time offenders and put a lot of pressure on them as they don't know what to expect in court.

Let them guess what they will get when they go to court.


What Were You Thinking? #*&$@!^+...??

I have a brother who is a high flyer, working in a multi national company and earning good money.

2 1/2 year ago, he was caught for drink driving.

He was fined for $2000 and banned from driving all type of vehicles for a period of 18 months.

He can't drive or even ride a motorcycle for 18 months.

He was lucky  the judge did not sentence him to prison at that time.

After his ban of 18 months is over....

....He has to go through all the hassle of taking his basic and final theory and the practical exam before getting his driving license again which he did pretty fast since he has been driving before, all these comes as a refresher course to him.

3 months ago, he was again caught for drink driving for the second time and this time round he has to spend some time in prison - 4 weeks and a fine of $500.

With the 1/3 remission for the prison stay, he spent only 20 days in there.

Me and my mum were there in court accompanying him that day.

We suggested that he find a good lawyer to represent him on that day but he chose to represent himself.

And fair enough....

.....He walked away with a good deal - 4 weeks and $500 fine!

I was totally blown away as some of the guys who were before him (that came in with their fancy  lawyers) received 12 weeks and some even 20 weeks with fine of $3000 to $8000. He walked away with a lighter sentence than the rest.


The Sense of Responsibility

Maybe he is still single and with no family commitment, he does not think about being a responsible person as the top priority in life.

Having a good job and money, hanging out with friends in pubs are all what they think is important.

And today, he is still working in the same multi national company even after spending 5 weeks away in prison.

And I was amazed for the second time....

He spent 20 days away in prison and he still keeps his job whereas most people will get fired.

This brother of mine has something that he can share with all fellows drunk drivers.

First of all, I understand that most of them who are caught realized what they did was wrong but they could not turn back the time.

You have to face the music!

Face it like a man and not running away from it.

If you know certain things that my brother knows, you might be buying yourself a "Get out of jail free ticket".


Here's What You Will Get

Save thousands of dollars on your lawyer's fee
Walk away with a lighter sentence
Know what are the things you can do to avoid going to prison?
Keep your job when you are in prison
What is life like in prison
Be better prepared if you are going to prison


I'm sure this is going to be a painful experience for you but it's all about being a man....

It's about being responsible for your action.

Accept it and get on with your life.

The sentence will come no matter how long you delay your case.

It's about getting prepared and know what to do to help you get the best deal out of it and getting the lighter punishment is all what every drink drivers wants.

In this guide, you will learn the few things that can change the course of your life.


Listen to what they say about the insider information I revealed in this life saving book

Hey Damien,

This guide has really saved my life. I was really pissing in my pants when I was caught for drink driving the first time two months ago.

I was really lost and don't know what to expect.

I don't know what is going to happen to my job and my future but you shed light into my life.

I went to the court for my hearing feeling better after getting all the tips and information on how to go about getting the lighter sentence.

All my friends told me to expect for the worst but I am confident after reading your guide, I am in for a real treat and fair enough, I walked away with the best deal ever.

This is the best ever "How To" guide I have ever come across.

Thanks a million for all the valuable insider information you shared in this book.

Jerry Sim
Hi Damien,

I was very skeptical about your guide at first but I thought I might as well give it a try since it only cost me few shots of Tequila.

When I was caught for drunk driving, I was the only women offenders on that night and feeling a bit uneasy about this whole thing.

I know I don't want to spend time in jail and lose my precious job and this guide has really help me to come through this ordeal and I am glad I don't have to go to jail and lose my job.

The best thing is I still walk away with a lesser sentence which is a big bonus for me.

I don't know how best to thank you.

I will gladly recommend this guide for those who are still wandering without head or tail about what's going to happen to them for drunk driving.

Suzanna Low
Hi Damien,

This is an unbelievable guide.

For a moment I thought I was doomed when I was caught for drink driving.

I know for sure my life and future will be down the drain and have to spend some time in jail.

The insider information in this guide has helped me to turn it around and I manage to get away with a much lighter sentence comparing to those guys that came to the court with their lawyer.

I knew if they would have read your guide, they will be walking away with a much lighter sentence because I am a living testimonial that this insider guide really work miracles.

Mike Long


At this point of time, all I can tell you is that you need all the help you can get if you are caught for drink driving.

I'm sure you have also done all your homework....

....searching for information on the internet and online forums, asking around those who were caught for drink driving.

But I can tell you what you going to find in this book, is something different and will give you that sense of hope you've been looking for.

Everything will be revealed in this book and one thing you have to take note is:

This book is written base on a real life example used by my brother when he was caught twice for drink driving, getting a much lighter sentence  and still end up keeping his job.


You Decide For Yourself

A lot of people have been asking me this question when they are caught for drink driving - Will they end up in prison and is there anything they can do to avoid prison?

You better start praying and hope that god will help you.

That's all I can say.

The situation that you are in can be very bad and tricky and I don't want to play with your senses.

For those who has not been in prison, try not to end up there because that can hurt your future and the people around you.

Well, there are things you can do and everything has been nicely written for you in this book.

Consider yourself lucky because you have found this guide and you can get all the important information you've been looking for here.

Unless you are taking your life and future for a gamble...,

....Then you can take the gamble and if you end up 6 months in prison with $10,000 fine, just take it as a bad experience and get on with it when you are released.

It's not my loss.


About Making Choices

This is what life is all about - making choices.

You made the choice to drink and drive and it will cost you part of your life and you know it's was mistake.

Now if you are not going to do anything about it, you will just be gambling on your future and will be making a bigger mistake in your life.

Are you prepared to go to court with what you already know?

Or will you be more confident that day knowing exactly what to do after learning all the important information that can change the course of your life from this book?

You decide for yourself.

Opportunity doesn't comes begging twice and to let go an opportunity that can save your life and future at a cost of $97 is something I can't imagine anyone throwing away.

But again...

it's your call....

You decide.


Just a Recap of What You Will Get in This Book


Save thousands of dollars on your lawyer's fee
Walk away with a lighter sentence
Know what are the things you can do to avoid going to prison?
Keep your job when you are in prison
What's life like in prison
Be better prepared if you are going to prison


You Need All The Help You Can Get!

YES! Damien, I know I've made a costly mistake by drink driving and I am ashamed and remorseful of my action.

I want to get out of it with all the help I can get...

Let Me Have This Guide NOW!



At $97, consider this a favors to all the drunken drivers that need all the help they could get.

You will save your future plus thousands of dollars with the information you get in this guide.

If you can't afford $97 , I think you deserve to just end up in prison.


I'm sure you can set aside a few shots of tequila for this important information. So stop thinking and save yourself now for just $97...


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God Bless,


PS: This is the most important info that you need to get you out of the problem you are facing right now.

PSS: I can't help you much if you don't grab this book now. I hope you fully understand that the choices you make will have an impact on your future. So try not to screw up again. It will be your own loss and not others.



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